Worker Stories

We are reaching out to Maryland healthcare workers to learn about their experiences with workplace violence firsthand. Read the stories below to find out how everyday people are affected by violence in their healthcare settings.

“I’m still in pain and on modified duty.”

On April 11, 2012, a patient attacked a doctor. I was in the office and went out to help. I’m an office clerk. On this day there wasn’t much staff around to help with this incident. As this patient was …

“Judo and Karate were not one of the classes I took in nursing school.”

Jo Samrow has spent 10 years as a registered nurse in southern Maryland and knows what it means to work with her back to the wall—literally. Not too long ago, she was taking care of a disoriented patient who suddenly …

“The time to stop the violence is now.”

Bill has seen a patient drag a computer off of a desk in rage, he is cursed at and threatened almost daily, and has seen his coworkers receive welts from the patients they were trying to care for. In one case in particular, Bill saw a physician’s assistant get punched so hard that it knocked him out.

“You can’t do your job when you are beaten to a pulp.”

Lauren Berg was washing her hands in the emergency room of a hospital in Baltimore when a patient came up behind her and punched her in the head. When she fell to the ground, the man grabbed her hair and began to slam her forehead into the floor, over and over again.