“I’m still in pain and on modified duty.”

On April 11, 2012, a patient attacked a doctor. I was in the office and went out to help. I’m an office clerk. On this day there wasn’t much staff around to help with this incident. As this patient was attacking this doctor—hitting him in the head and face—approximately five or six staff intervened to help subdue this patient and get him off the doctor.

When I went to get one of his arms, the patient pushed me against the wall, injuring my back and finger. This patient injured five staff members during this incident. I was shaken up very badly. It made me feel bad because I couldn’t help myself from getting injured and the way he had injured 5 employees during this incident.

I was off for a week, came back to work on light duty, and went back out from May until August. To this day I’m still having a lot of back and leg pain associated with this injury. I have had injections, pain medicine and nothing has helped. I’m still in pain and on modified duty.

We pressed charges against this patient. I’m not only frustrated because I was injured and still in pain, but also frustrated because this patient didn’t serve time in jail. The judge gave him 3 years which 18 months should had been served in the detention center according to the judge, but because the warden refused to take psychiatric patients, he was sent back to the hospital.

-Tina Greene

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  1. Katherine Hughes, RN says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s so important for us to see and hear you so we can support you and make sure workers like you are protected in the future.

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